A window to the elusive

Sometimes there are moments when you are treated to something truly special, given an invitation to something you maybe feel you shouldn’t be watching. One of our camera traps provided us with one of these moments last week.


One of our Masters students, Lauren, who came to carry out her fieldwork with us a couple of months ago, stumbled upon a brilliant finding! Lauren is working on the leopard population of the Alldays area, aiming to understand their movements across the area, as well as establishing prey species densities. As well as using our camera grid for captures, Lauren also had a few extra cameras being placed in additional locations to achieve more captures of leopards moving in the area. One such pair of camera traps was placed at a watering hole on a property already hosting some of our grid cameras.


As a result of a one off sneak preview on Lauren’s cameras, we placed some back at the same place recently to try and capture more and better images. We were absolutely treated to say the least. Check out the galleries below to look at some beautiful photos of a leopard mother and cub spending over five hours in front of our cameras. Be sure to watch for some amazing playtime photos between mother and child, as well as some tree climbing! Enjoy!!


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