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Notes from the Field

The Alldays Wildlife and Communities Research Centre (AWCRC) is a family-run business established in 2017 at Campfornis Game Farm.

The project provides opportunities for students, interns, and volunteers to gain field experience and develop research skills. Our main objective is to maintain a sustainable and successful conservation research programme. Our research focuses on human-wildlife interactions and conflict. Our area is host to a variety of free-roaming wildlife species which means farmers can experience loss of livestock, game, or damage to crops, leading to human-wildlife conflict. Our project aims to find ways of improving this relationship and ensure the survival of wildlife species outside of protected areas. Furthermore, we aim to assess how living in a human-dominated landscape can affect biodiversity, species behaviour and diet.

Gain in-depth exsperience while

contributing to critical conservation

and education efforts!

AWCRC is located in the small town of Alldays in the Limpopo province of South Africa. We are also the sister site for Durham University’s Primate and Predator Project (PPP). Therefore, the research centre is split into two areas of research: AWCRC focuses on education, community, and broader wildlife research; PPP focuses on primate and predator research. We offer the opportunity for students and volunteers to gain field experience as well as for independent researchers to build their own projects in any of the fields hosted by AWCRC.

The Alldays area forms part of the Savanna Biome or ‘Bushveld,’ and is famous for its remarkable diversity of plants and animals, rich cultures and agriculture. Vegetation consists of Limpopo Sweet Bushveld, Roodeberg Bushveld, Limpopo Ridge Bushveld and Musina Mopane Bushveld. The area contains a remarkable diversity of plants, including a large number of endemic, rare and endangered species. Campfornis itself covers an area of 16 km2. Within the confines of our farm, we have a number of mammalian species, including cape buffalo, blue wildebeest, Burchell’s zebra, rock hyrax, mongoose, greater kudu, chacma baboon, vervet monkey, lesser bushbaby, brown hyena, caracal, and leopard. There is also an abundance of bird, reptile and amphibian species.

Research can be extended to the town and the surrounding area, including other game farms. Alldays is often used as a base for social and community studies, such as teaching English and environmental education, litter picks and snare sweeps.

For more information on our research and the volunteering opportunities that are available, please visit our volunteer page!