World Rhino Day: could we? should we?

Following World Rhino day on 22nd September, I thought I would share a very interesting chat on the white rhino that myself and Dr Findlay were lucky to be in the audience for at the recent Southern African Wildlife Management Association conference. The presentation was by Professor Yoshan Moodley who works in genetics at theContinue reading “World Rhino Day: could we? should we?”

Mitigation trial: Guard sounds

It is the peak of the dry season and many farmers are feeling the pinch of the drought. This year has been particularly dry and as a result many of our local farmers have had to abandon their crops, because there is just no water for irrigation. With no crops, our in-field mitigation trials areContinue reading “Mitigation trial: Guard sounds”

Back to school for the Alldays PPP!

Community is really important and we try to get as involved as we can to support the local people in different ways. This is not only a rewarding act of charity, but a way of finding out how the local people feel about the environment that surrounds them, and gives us further insight into conflictContinue reading “Back to school for the Alldays PPP!”