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Hello 2022!

Hello 2022! January is an exciting month for us at AWCRC as we brace ourselves to say goodbye to several of our volunteers and students, whilst preparing for the arrival of fresh faces by the end of the month. In 2021, we welcomed volunteers… Continue Reading “Hello 2022!”

Christmas Fundraiser 2021

We would like to take this time to say a huge thank you to everyone who participated in and donated money towards our Christmas fundraiser for the children in Alldays. With the many generous donations, we reached our goal and raised £2,000! We would… Continue Reading “Christmas Fundraiser 2021”

Raising Money for our Local Community!

It’s Christmas season at our research centre and we are helping to raise money for the children in our local community. Students and volunteers at AWCRC have been helping out in the Alldays community since the research centre was established in 2017. The pandemic… Continue Reading “Raising Money for our Local Community!”

Electric fence mortalities; the shocking reality

Electric fences have been used in wildlife management since the 1930s and have increased in popularity in recent decades among landowners. The use of electric fences is popular within our study area with farmers using electric fences to define property boundaries as well as… Continue Reading “Electric fence mortalities; the shocking reality”

A year in the life of a troop of Dump baboons

During 2020, PhD student Topu Rahman from Durham University, UK conducted his fieldwork at AWCRC studying the effects of human waste food on the behaviour and hormonal responses of a wild chacma baboon troop. After habituating a troop of baboons that spends time at… Continue Reading “A year in the life of a troop of Dump baboons”