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Alldays Period Project – by Lottie Cross

Menstruation is a part of everyday life for half of the world’s population. Despite being an entirely natural phenomenon, it is still surrounded by cultural stigma, making it a taboo topic virtually everywhere. Talking about periods makes people uncomfortable, and over the years we’ve… Continue Reading “Alldays Period Project – by Lottie Cross”

Picture this…

We are often lucky to have volunteers and students who have high hopes of capturing as many cool shots as possible on their cameras! We try and post some of these on our Instagram and Facebook pages, but there are often so many great… Continue Reading “Picture this…”

AWCRC and VAC in the community

Before Christmas was a busy period in the Alldays community, and we have been substantially involved in many events, with many more to come this year. This has been in no small part down to our collaborative relationship with Vision Africa Community. Vision Africa… Continue Reading “AWCRC and VAC in the community”

Giraffe fun facts!

Giraffes are one of the most iconic animals of Africa – their long necks stretching into the dazzling blue sky above the bush! We are lucky enough to work in amongst so many beautiful species and thought for this post, given recent IUCN updates,… Continue Reading “Giraffe fun facts!”

The Banana Hut

by Hannah Waller It all started when I visited the Shik Shack Backpackers & Community Hub with Lottie, Jamie and Pierce on our way back from the Kruger National Park in October. This eco-friendly, community-run project not only offered us a cosy pallet-made bed… Continue Reading “The Banana Hut”