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Back to school for the Alldays PPP!

Community is really important and we try to get as involved as we can to support the local people in different ways. This is not only a rewarding act of charity, but a way of finding out how the local people feel about the… Continue Reading “Back to school for the Alldays PPP!”

Want more?

Find out more about our BBC one ‘Animals with Cameras’ appearance in this interview with PBS and on the BBC’s meet the scientists page.  

Don’t forget to watch TONIGHT!

BBC’s ‘Animals with Cameras’ episode two, featuring the Primate and Predator Project is on BBC one tonight at 8 pm in the UK. Don’t forget to tune in and watch to discover some of the all important work we are doing here in South… Continue Reading “Don’t forget to watch TONIGHT!”

PPP on the BBC!

Dr Leah Findlay has recently been working with the BBC on a great production called ‘Animals with Camera’s. In this ground breaking new series, wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan joins forces with a number of scientists to put cameras on animals. Together, they make extraordinary… Continue Reading “PPP on the BBC!”

Glorious Bushveld living

Any destination in the world is usually made up of people, things and places. Living and working at the Alldays Wildlife and Communities Research Centre, I am broadening my horizons of the kinds of great people and amazing sceneries you get in life. Meeting… Continue Reading “Glorious Bushveld living”