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Giraffe fun facts!

Giraffes are one of the most iconic animals of Africa – their long necks stretching into the dazzling blue sky above the bush! We are lucky enough to work in amongst so many beautiful species and thought for this post, given recent IUCN updates,… Continue Reading “Giraffe fun facts!”

The Banana Hut

by Hannah Waller It all started when I visited the Shik Shack Backpackers & Community Hub with Lottie, Jamie and Pierce on our way back from the Kruger National Park in October. This eco-friendly, community-run project not only offered us a cosy pallet-made bed… Continue Reading “The Banana Hut”

Snaring into the abyss

Poaching is a considerable risk to wildlife and livestock. Global media often focuses on the barbaric organised poaching, images of which we are now all too familiar with seeing, as rhino and elephant trade holds the limelight. Beyond this though is another very real… Continue Reading “Snaring into the abyss”

Talking trash and pondering plastic

Plastic pollution is a topic that has gained increasing amounts of attention in recent years. Through campaigns, documentaries, and scientific studies, more and more of us are becoming aware of the huge toll that plastic pollution is having on our planet. This issue seems… Continue Reading “Talking trash and pondering plastic”

Schools out!

It’s just been the school holidays – woohoo! Schools out and so we have had a couple of weeks where we haven’t been at the local schools either. It has worked quite well for us as we had three new joiners arrive at the… Continue Reading “Schools out!”