Where is the research centre located?

We are located just outside the small town of Alldays in northern South Africa.

How will I get from Johannesburg to the research centre?

You will fly into OR Tambo Airport in the morning on your specified arrival date. You will then take a pre-booked shuttle service (booked by you, but we will provide you with the information) directly from the airport to Polokwane. In Polokwane, you will be met by a member of staff at the shuttle drop-off and driven to the research centre in Alldays.


How do I apply?

You can find out how to apply here.

Are there any grants or scholarships available to fund my volunteering costs?

There are none that we aware of but if you find any please let us know so we can offer that information to other volunteers!

How much should I budget for food/living costs?

Costs in South Africa are very similar to places like the UK, USA, western Europe etc. We therefore recommend budgeting what you would usually spend in your home country.

Can I volunteer on multiple projects if I am interested in several?

Yes and most of our volunteers will spend some time on other projects when they can. Information on projects can be found here.

How long can I volunteer for?

We do accept short term volunteers (less than two months) but we prefer longer stays (three months +)!

Do you have any volunteering positions available?

We are always accepting new applications for varied start dates, however we recommend applying at least two months in advance to ensure a place is available.

Do I need a visa?

Free 90-day visas are issued on arrival for most passports (check here for your specific country). You can renew in South Africa for an additional 90 days, or you can apply for a visitor’s visa (up to three years) in your home country – more details here.

Health, Safety and Wellbeing

What kind of support will I receive whilst I am volunteering?

Each project has a supervisor who will support your project and answer any questions/concerns you might have throughout your fieldwork. A separate member of staff will be assigned as your mentor and will be available for talks about whether you are achieving your personal goals, project goals (students), and just for a general check in!

If I take medication, do I need to bring it with me or can I access it there?

We recommend bringing as much medication as you can. However, if you need more medication or have an emergency, we do have a pharmacy and doctor in Alldays.

Do I need to take anti-malaria tablets?

This is up to your judgement. Alldays is not in a malaria zone but some areas are (e.g. Kruger).

Is the research centre still operating during the pandemic?

Yes but we are taking precautions to prevent the spread to the local community and wildlife.