About the Project

Alldays Wildlife and Communities Research Centre’s (AWCRC) objective is to establish a sustainable and successful conservation research programme. Created in 2017, AWCRC is primarily focusing on human-wildlife conflict research – as an extension of Durham University’s Primate and Predator Project – with opportunities for students/volunteers to gain field experience as well as for independent researchers to build their own projects in any of the fields hosted by AWCRC. Located in the Limpopo province of South Africa, the research centre quarters have been established on Campfornis Game Farm (CGF) since 2017.

Campfornis itself covers an area of 16 km2 within the Alldays area of Limpopo. The Alldays area forms part of the Savanna Biome or ‘Bushveld,’ and is famous for its remarkable diversity of plants and animals. Vegetation consists of a mixture of various bushvelds. The area contains a remarkable diversity of plants, including a large number of endemic, rare and endangered species. Within the confines of CGF, we have a number of species residing on and visiting the farm with over 40 mammal species from smaller rodent species, various antelopes to larger mammals such as Cape buffalo and giraffe. There is also an abundance of bird, reptile and amphibian species. Research is not only limited to CGF but could also be extended to surrounding properties.

A short distance from the town of Alldays, the Research Centre could also be used as a base for social and community studies. We regularly visit local schools around the reserve and students/volunteers are welcome to join and participate.

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