About the Project

Alldays Wildlife and Communities Research Centre’s (AWCRC) was established in 2017 and is based on a farm near to Alldays, Limpopo. The projects main objective is to establish a sustainable and successful conservation research programme. The centre is also host Durham University’s Primate and Predator project. The project focuses on human-wildlife conflict research. The area is host to a variety of free roaming wildlife species, farmers can experience losses to livestock and game as well as damage to crops from wildlife and conflict can therefore arise. The project aims to find ways to improve this relationship and ensure the survival of wildlife species outside of protected areas. Furthermore, we aim to assess how living in a human-dominated landscape can affect species behaviour and diet.

The project provides opportunities for students and volunteers to gain field experience and develop research skills. The project hosts students and volunteers who can join any of the projects running at the centre or develop their own projects based on the goals of AWCRC and PPP. Since 2017, students and volunteers have come from all over the world to gain experience, collect data for university projects and contribute to long-term conservation initiatives. The project also hosts volunteers interested in education and community work. Prior to the pandemic we were providing environmental education lessons and local litter picks. These will be resumed once regulations allow.

For information on our current and upcoming projects, please visit our volunteer page!

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