Long-term volunteering

The AWCRC is located at Campfornis Game Farm in Alldays, Limpopo province, South Africa. The property, and wider area, shelter a variety of mammal, reptile, amphibian, insect and bird species, as well as interesting vegetation. This offers students and researchers a wide variety of choice when deciding on a research topic.

Our focus is primarily on human-wildlife coexistence and possible mitigating solutions, but we welcome any other propositions depending on the feasibility and material available. The long term projects listed below are on the basis of a minimum 6 month stay.

Future projects are currently not running, but if any of them pique your interest then please feel free to contact us.


  • Assessing the impact of arming field guards with bear bangers on primate crop raiding (May to September/October 2020)
  • Continuous monitoring of troop studying diet, social behaviour, inter-troop interactions and seasonal movement patterns

Future projects:

  • Fitness and endurance of tracking dogs compared to humans
  • Lesser and Greater Bushbabies surrounding habitations, population demographic, social behaviour, spatial and feeding ecology


  • Population census
  • Movements of predators on Campfornis Game Farm – tracking versus camera-trapping
  • Abundance and diversity of predators within Campfornis Game Farm and surrounding areas
  • Open road predator presence: comparison between hunting and non-hunting season
  • Predator detection: tracking dog versus camera-trapping
  • Lure testing for camera-trapping
  • Diet of predators: scat detection and analysis
  • Diet of predators: seasonal variation

Future projects:

  • Tracking dogs: fitness and endurance compared to humans
  • African civet: role in seed dispersal in the savanna bushveld
  • Caracal: a threat to livestock in the north-western Limpopo region? Farmer perceptions, rate of livestock loss and mitigation methods


  • Small mammal diversity between seasons
  • Small mammal diversity across different habitats
  • Small mammal diversity comparison between Campfornis Game Farm and another farm

Future projects:

  • Bat diversity on Campfornis Game Farm
  • Small mammal response to climatic variables (rain, moon phase)
  • Pangolin population and threats on Campfornis Game Farm

REPTILES/INVERTEBRATES (seasonal during summer months -September to March)

  • Reptile diversity on Campfornis Game Farm and surrounding farms

Future projects:

  • Effect of climate change on the population health, diet, ecology and behaviour of African rock pythons on Campfornis Game Farm

BIRDS (seasonal during summer months -September to March)

  • Bird diversity: distribution and status maps of species (SABAP2)
  • Seasonal diversity on Campfornis Game Farm
  • Raptor diversity on Campfornis Game Farm and another farm

Future projects:

  • Diet of raptor species on Campfornis Game Farm
  • Specific raptor species ecology, population density, nesting behaviour on Campfornis Game Farm
  • Effect of pest control methods in agricultural bushveld on owl populations and potential mitigations


  • Diet of herbivores ob Campfornis Game Farm
  • Diet of herbivores: comparison between Campfornis Game Farm and another farm
  • Behaviour changes between hunting and non-hunting season

Future projects:

  • Animal behaviour


  • Phenological studies of tree species on Campfornis Game Farm, in relation to browsing animal feeding ecology through the seasons
  • Alien and invasive plant species on Campfornis Game Farming: species and establishment of the distribution and density of these species, development of suitable control methods and protocols for the control of these species

Future projects:

  • Game management
  • Vegetation rehabilitation
  • Alien invasive plant species
  • Soil erosion mitigation
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