Short-term volunteering

The AWCRC is located at Campfornis Game Farm in Alldays, Limpopo province, South Africa. The property, and wider area, shelter a variety of mammal, reptile, amphibian, insect and bird species, as well as interesting vegetation. This offers students and researchers a wide variety of choice when deciding on a research topic.

Our focus is primarily on human-wildlife coexistence and possible mitigating solutions, but we welcome any other propositions depending on the feasibility and material available. The long term projects listed below are on the basis of a minimum 3 month stay.

Future projects are listed in long-term volunteering and are currently not running, but if any of them pique your interest then please feel free to contact us. General volunteering activities are ad-hoc activities and are scheduled when possible or seasonally suitable.


  • Deterring wildlife from foraging in crop fields: short-term methods (Chili oil, pop-up scarecrows, net bell fences, ultrasound)

General volunteer activities:

  • Electric fence assessments
  • Primate group counts
  • Crop damage assessments
  • Baboon crop preference
  • Litter picking


  • Predator presence on Campfornis Game Farm
  • Predator diversity using tracking methods only
  • Predator detection: tracking dog versus camera-traps
  • Diet of specific predator

General volunteer activities:

  • Carnivore population census with camera traps – servicing and image tagging (especially from April to end of June)
  • Snare sweeps
  • Interview transcribing
  • Scat analysis


  • Small mammal diversity between two locations on Campfornis Game Farm
  • Porcupine activity and threats

General volunteer activities:

  • Elephant-shrew habituation

REPTILES/INVERTEBRATES (seasonal during summer months -September to March)

  • Reptile diversity on Campfornis Game Farm

General volunteer activities:

  • Application development

BIRDS (seasonal during summer months -September to March)

  • Bird diversity on Campfornis Game Farm
  • Raptor diversity on Campfornis Game Farm

Future projects:

  • Application development


  • Herbivore diversity on Campfornis Game Farm

General volunteer activities:

  • Game counts


  • Vegetation diversity on Campfornis Game Farm
  • Identify succulent species occurring on Campfornis Game Farm
  • Highlight any endemic, protected or endangered species in order to establish a management plan for their conservation

General volunteer activities:

  • Habitat assessments
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