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A window to the elusive

Sometimes there are moments when you are treated to something truly special, given an invitation to something you maybe feel you shouldn’t be watching. One of our camera traps provided us with one of these moments last week.   One of our Masters students,… Continue Reading “A window to the elusive”

Aardwolf – some fun facts on the beautiful “earth wolf”

As we continue our camera grid into August, we have been really treated with various species turning up on the cameras! One of the species that has provided particular excitement in camp is the aardwolf (Proteles cristatus). Although quite widely distributed across Southern Africa,… Continue Reading “Aardwolf – some fun facts on the beautiful “earth wolf””

Snaring into the abyss

Poaching is a considerable risk to wildlife and livestock. Global media often focuses on the barbaric organised poaching, images of which we are now all too familiar with seeing, as rhino and elephant trade holds the limelight. Beyond this though is another very real… Continue Reading “Snaring into the abyss”

Don’t forget to watch TONIGHT!

BBC’s ‘Animals with Cameras’ episode two, featuring the Primate and Predator Project is on BBC one tonight at 8 pm in the UK. Don’t forget to tune in and watch to discover some of the all important work we are doing here in South… Continue Reading “Don’t forget to watch TONIGHT!”

PPP on the BBC!

Dr Leah Findlay has recently been working with the BBC on a great production called ‘Animals with Camera’s. In this ground breaking new series, wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan joins forces with a number of scientists to put cameras on animals. Together, they make extraordinary… Continue Reading “PPP on the BBC!”