A school holiday field trip

On Saturday the 16th March the AWCRC hosted some of the children from Briershof Primary School, in Alldays, for a field trip. The children at the school are working on the theme ‘Biodiversity and Nature’ for their next eco-schools award, and as part of that we put together an environmentally focused program. The fun startedContinue reading “A school holiday field trip”

AWCRC and VAC in the community

Before Christmas was a busy period in the Alldays community, and we have been substantially involved in many events, with many more to come this year. This has been in no small part down to our collaborative relationship with Vision Africa Community. Vision Africa Community is run by Emma Peniston and is a driving forceContinue reading “AWCRC and VAC in the community”

Giraffe fun facts!

Giraffes are one of the most iconic animals of Africa – their long necks stretching into the dazzling blue sky above the bush! We are lucky enough to work in amongst so many beautiful species and thought for this post, given recent IUCN updates, we would focus on one of our favourites to see whileContinue reading “Giraffe fun facts!”

Snaring into the abyss

Poaching is a considerable risk to wildlife and livestock. Global media often focuses on the barbaric organised poaching, images of which we are now all too familiar with seeing, as rhino and elephant trade holds the limelight. Beyond this though is another very real issue killing many other species in great numbers, especially as weContinue reading “Snaring into the abyss”