Holly Appleby

I honestly wish I could’ve stayed for longer. I needed to get away from Durham to clear my mind and have a fresh kick at my own research when I returned.  

South Africa is like a second home to me (minus the snakes), it was great to be back out in the bush – the landscape is awesome and quite unforgettable, and the people are so polite and kind. All the volunteers and staff were lovely and welcoming; I’ll definitely be meeting up with some of the other volunteers when they return home – I’m quite glad that two of them live within an hour’s drive from my house so it’ll be easy to keep in touch. The accommodation was the best I’ve had in Africa, it was clean and tidy, we had everything we needed in the kitchen, and the rest of the camp was quite homely, even the office.  

With the number of volunteers that were there, it was nice that everyone was flexible so that we were able to sneak in a couple of trips here and there, without causing too much backlog with the data entry and collection.  

I really like how you’re linked up with Ryan and Don, it’s great how you can get to meet so many interesting people who dedicate their lives to helping conserve such a beautiful environment.