Lottie Cross

My placement with the AWCRC was hugely enjoyable and I feel it has made a significant impact on my plans for the future. I was able to get first-hand conservation experience through which I gained a wealth of skills that my degree alone couldn’t provide. I now feel prepared to graduate from university with a clearer idea of the path I wish to follow, so I’m very grateful to all at AWCRC for the opportunities and support they gave me. 

One of my favourite aspects of life at AWCRC was the way I was encouraged to follow my own personal projects alongside the main research duties. Whilst the main duties were an important part of the experience, being able to take responsibility for an aspect of the project was an invaluable experience through which I was able to improve my adaptability and leadership skills. I appreciated that duties could be flexible, allowing me to focus on the environmental education project when I realised how much I enjoyed it. I also liked that the research team is small, meaning that each individual volunteer was given a decent amount of responsibility, which is often not possible at larger centres. As someone who has struggled with leading a team in the past, this was something I really valued, as I felt I was able to grow. Finally, the huge variety of opportunities I was given throughout the experience was something I particularly enjoyed. Not only was I exposed to a number of primate research techniques, but I was also involved with organising school trips, helping LionWatch and volunteering with SPCA.  All these experiences combined made this such a unique placement.