You will need to provide your own flights, travel and medical insurance and food.

There is a monthly cost of ZAR 6100 for stays in 2021. As of January 2022, there will be a monthly cost of ZAR 7500. This covers:

  • Accommodation equipped with hot showers, flush toilets, a gas stove, fridge and freezer, tapped drinking water, washing machine, gas and firewood.
  • The use of available scientific equipment.
  • Academic supervision, training and support.
  • Transport to Alldays once a fortnight for shopping.
  • Transport to Alldays for medical emergencies.
  • Transport from and to Polokwane International Airport or bus station during arrival and departure.


Accommodation payments are preferably made as a one off payment for the full extent of your stay by bank transfer. This can be arranged once you have confirmed a place with the research centre. Alternatively payments can be made in cash or by card to Braam, the Farm Manager, monthly in advance. The first payment is due on arrival and is based on the number of days left for that specific calendar month, so please make sure you bring enough cash with you.

There are no banks in Alldays, but there are ATM’s where you are able to draw money. Mastercard and Visa work best, but you can also use American Express at these ATMs. We recommend visitors to always have some cash on hand as the ATM’s are not always available or working!

The accommodation fee is not reduced for absence due to field trips or holiday travelling. For this reason, we recommend that you arrange your holiday trips after you have left the research centre. No refunds will be provided if trips are made during your stay with the research centre.

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