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A year in the life of a troop of Dump baboons

During 2020, PhD student Topu Rahman from Durham University, UK conducted his fieldwork at AWCRC studying the effects of human waste food on the behaviour and hormonal responses of a wild chacma baboon troop. After habituating a troop of baboons that spends time at… Continue Reading “A year in the life of a troop of Dump baboons”

Spotlight on Phd student Rebecca

I initially came out to the AWCRC as a research assistant in April 2018, but after spending 5 months here, I decided to apply for a PhD at Durham University. I was always interested in understanding the effects of human-wildlife interactions on the behaviour… Continue Reading “Spotlight on Phd student Rebecca”

A week in the life of an AWCRC volunteer…

One of our current volunteers shares an insight into their time as a Primate and Predator (PPP) volunteer at the AWCRC. Over the space of a week they have the chance to get involved in a variety of projects from assisting PhD students with… Continue Reading “A week in the life of an AWCRC volunteer…”

Nadine, who is your conservation hero?

Who is your conservation hero? From a young age, my first conservation hero was my grandfather with his profound love for nature and animals, a fondness he certainly transmitted to me. I always had a fascination for cat species and as I grew older,… Continue Reading “Nadine, who is your conservation hero?”

Spot On! – By Nadine Hassan

Last week, we set up our third camera trap grid for this year. While the first and second were aimed at carnivores in general (distance sampling), this one is exclusively aimed for leopard. Leopards are well known for their secretive and shy behaviour so… Continue Reading “Spot On! – By Nadine Hassan”