Raising Money for our Local Community!

It’s Christmas season at our research centre and we are helping to raise money for the children in our local community.

Students and volunteers at AWCRC have been helping out in the Alldays community since the research centre was established in 2017. The pandemic brought an unfortunate end to community-led projects, but with restrictions easing in South Africa we are officially back in the community teaching English and environmental education.

We are hoping to raise £2,000 with our Go Fund Me page. All of the money raised will go directly towards orphaned children, child-headed families, and HIV awareness. We are looking to raise £13 per child and this can help us buy important things like toothbrushes, sanitary products, and educational toys, for the children. This money will also help us to provide a hot Christmas dinner for the families in need, play games and music, and ensure that every child receives at least one Christmas gift this year. Such a small gesture can make an enormous difference to children who often go without, especially during the pandemic.

We are aiming to raise this money by November 28. Please help us to raise money for this important cause by donating as much or as little as you like! Donations can be made on our Go Fund Me page, please share the page with anyone you know. And, if you would like to get involved in volunteering to teach, please visit our volunteer page for more information!

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