There are no programme fees at AWCRC, but volunteers and students are responsible for their own:

  • International flights
  • Domestic travel to Polokwane
  • Travel insurance
  • Food
  • Accommodation fees

Unlike some other research centres, our accomodation provides access to a swimming pool and air-conditioned houses shared between 2-6 volunteers and students. The accommodation fee covers:

  • Your pick-up and drop-off in Polokwane at the beginning and end of your internship
  • Accommodation equipped with hot showers, flushing toilets, a gas stove, fridge and freezer, drinkable tap water, gas and use of a washing machine
  • The use of scientific equipment when it is available
  • Academic training, supervision and support
  • Internet
  • Transport to Alldays for grocery shopping
  • Transport to Alldays or Polokwane for medical emergencies


For short-term volunteering, please contact us for accommodation costs. For students visiting for 6-8 weeks (e.g. internships), there is a flat rental cost of ZAR 15,000 each.

For students and volunteers staying with us for more than three months, we have a fixed and non-refundable monthly accommodation fee. For Campfornis the cost is ZAR 7,500 and for Hardings (i.e. giraffe projects) the cost is ZAR 8,500. Students and volunteers are required to pay for the total amount of months they have committed to unless they are relying on external funding (e.g. student finance, stipends), which can be discussed and agreed upon. Your accommodation invoice will be sent prior to arrival and can be paid in cash or transfer to the camp manager prior to arrival or within your first week. If you extend your stay, additional payments can be paid monthly.

There are no banks in Alldays, but there are ATMs where you are able to draw money. Mastercard and Visa work best, but you can also use American Express at these ATMs. We recommend visitors to always have some cash on hand as the ATM’s are not always available or working!

The accommodation fee is not reduced or refunded for absence due to field trips or holiday travelling. For this reason, we recommend that you arrange your holiday trips after you have left the research centre. No refunds will be provided if trips are made during your stay with the research centre.