Professor Russell Hill Reader, Department of Anthropology,
Durham University, UK

Professor Hill’s main research interests are in the behavioural ecology of primates and other large mammals, with a primary goal of understanding the decisions animals make about their social and reproductive strategies. His research approaches combine field studies with theoretical analyses based on modelling. He runs the Primate and Predator Project, but he is based in the UK. He has previously managed other projects in South Africa based at De Hoop Nature Reserve and in the Kruger National Park. He holds a PhD in primate behavioural ecology from the University of Liverpool and an MPhil from Darwin College, University of Cambridge.

Dr. Leah Findlay
Research Coordinator
Alldays Wildlife and Communities Research Centre
Durham University Primate and Predator Project

Leah completed her PhD at Durham University, where she was supervised by Russell. Leah graduated with a degree in Zoology from Royal Holloway University of London in 2005, before going on to study for an MSc in Biodiversity and Conservation at Exeter University in 2007. From 2009 until 2012, Leah worked as a Project Fundraiser at Surrey Wildlife Trust, developing and raising funds for conservation projects within the county. In 2012, prior to beginning her PhD, Leah assisted a PhD student in the rainforests of Borneo, live capturing and tagging small mammals to assess population changes in forest fragmentations within oil palm estates. Leah then began her PhD at Durham University, studying the issue of primate crop-raiding and working alongside farmers to develop solutions to the problem. After completing her PhD Leah began working as the Research Coordinator for PPP.

Abraham W de Klerk
AWCRC Director and Farm Manager
Campfornis Farm

With an academic background that has almost nothing to do with conservation but armed with a passion for wildlife, Abraham (or Braam) is the jack of all trades for the project and a commercial farmer in the Alldays area, and the Director of the AWCRC. He manages all things camp and maintenance related and serves as a general guide and host to all who join us!